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+20 100 816 9529
كورسات تعقد الان
First Annual International Conference

"Training Revolution against Era Challenges"

Sep 2012

Exhibitions and Conferences


Arab Organization adopts the organization of conferences on the quality and specialized regional and international levels, we also provide all logistics and regulatory requirements for the success of these conferences


The exhibition is a special place is where inviting companies to showcase their products. Exhibitions and contribute effectively to the economic growth of different countries, apart from the definition of products and meet with investors, representing Valmard tourism income and job opportunities, permanent and temporary as well as high-income countries for regulators and incubated. The exhibition industry of the emerging industries in the Arab region, Fmrha no more than 20 years only, at a time when more than eighty years in the world; where the establishment of the International Exhibition in 1925. Have collected for you Dear Customer, great technology unique mixed authenticity of our experience and quality of our services in the package to meet all the needs of your organization to organize exhibitions at the highest level and in a professional and excellence, to offer you our services of organizing the exhibition and marketing his latest techniques establish the infrastructure of the exhibition according to the latest strategies for the organization of international exhibitions facilitate the procedures for Arab companies to various agencies, as well as the mediation between them and the companies

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