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+20 100 816 9529

+20 100 816 9529
كورسات تعقد الان
Advisory Services

The Arab Organization for Training an Human Resources is proud of its group of Experts and Highly certified counselors which present their advisory services as follows:

Internal Development Consultations

Analysis and preparation fo Strategic Plans on the short and long terms

GAP Analysis for Institutions regulations

Developing the Institutions Administrative Structure

Setting rules and regulations regular with Labor Law


Human Resources Consultations

Developing the Institutions work structure

Applying performance evaluation for Staff

Planning Studies for the labor market

Preparation of Staff policies and regulations

Setting up Salary balance for Institutions

Arranging and restructuring organizations

Forecasting Human Resources policies

Information Systems Consultations

Specifications for the use of Technological programs

Needed hardware and software

Supervising the Electronic Archiving

Managing Information Systems MIS

Planning procedures for Management and IT

annual plans of the Organization 2018
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